Major Requirements

  • Make sure you have filled out and handed in a Psychology Major/Minor Declaration Form! They are available in the Psychology Office.
  • Don’t forget to inform the Registrar that you are a psychology major and/or minor, especially if you have changed majors or added a minor!
  • Do you have an advisor in the Psychology Department? Stop by the Psychology Office for more details.
  • The General Psychology Minor is for students NOT majoring in Psychology. (See minors for more information)


Basic Requirements

Class Number needed
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 1 course
PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology Spring 2018 1 course
PSY 201 Basic Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Spring 2018 1 course
PSY 202 Research Methods in Psychology Spring 2018 1 course
One course from each area 3 courses
Three free psychology electives 3 courses
Total 10 courses

Area Requirements