General Psychology

Please note that the General Psychology Minor is for non-Psychology Majors only.

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***NEW ADDITION*** The NEW Neuropsychology minor is designed to attract students who are interested in pursuing careers in the fields of clinical and cognitive neuropsychology as well as to enhance understanding of brain/behavior relationships for those aspiring to other health-related professions.  With the exception of one Field Six course, Anatomy and Physiology I, all courses proposed for the minor curriculum are offered within the Department of Psychology.

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The Forensic Psychology Minor is open to both psychology majors and non-majors. In collaboration with the Criminal Justice Department at Canisius College, the Psychology Department has designed the minor for students interested in applying psychology to the criminal justice and legal systems. Career opportunities exist in law enforcement, counseling, as well as work in the courts and other parts of the criminal justice system.

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School Psychology

Open to Psychology majors or non-majors with appropriate background coursework, this minor focuses on psychology's role in the field of education. Students gain knowledge of psychological development, applied behavior change, and different types of psychological and educational assessment. The required practicum experience must take place in a school setting. This minor is of particular value to students interested in education, testing or working with children.

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Sports Psychology

Focuses on how psychological factors effect behavior in sports and athletics and on how participation in these activities effects the athlete. Students study social perception, motivation, group dynamics, development of motor skills, leadership, aggression, and other topics essential to working with teams and individual athletes for careers in coaching, education, research/teaching, or counseling.

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Child, Family, and Community

This social science interdisciplinary minor is co-sponsored by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice. A minor in Child, Family, and Community Studies is useful for individuals interested in collaborative activities designed to improve the well being of children, adults, and families. Issues that may typically be dealt with by people interested in this minor include unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, and an urban school system that is unable to address the complex needs of the students it serves. This minor is geared toward students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Social Work (MSW), Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, or Counseling Education.

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A minor in clinical psychology is useful for individuals interested in providing therapeutic services to a variety of client populations. Whereas some opportunities directly related to psychology do exist for bachelor's degree holders (e.g. assistants in rehabilitation centers, or in other jobs involving data collection and analysis), attaining an advanced degree in the field (Master or Doctorate) leads to a broader array of potential career opportunities. Individuals interested in advanced degrees in psychology have the opportunity to learn psychotherapeutic approaches to treat a variety of adjustment and mental health problems with various populations.

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This interdisciplinary collaboration between the Departments of Psychology and Management/Marketing is for students who expect to work in any kind of organization, a human services agency, a law firm, a hospital, etc. The application of psychology in a business environment is most directly apparent in the field of human resources, but the subject matter relates to all work environments. Courses in the minor cover how employees are selected and placed, the training of employees, performance evaluation, interpersonal interaction and employee relation, motivation and job satisfaction, etc. Students with the minor are well prepared to succeed in any kind of organizational environment.

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