Dual Majors

Psychology/Biology Dual Major


A dual major in Psychology and Biology exists for students with interests in both fields and seeking a combined educational program. Students interested in pursuing this interdisciplinary concentration are advised to consult with Dr. Noonan of the Biology Department. A statement of specific course offerings and requirements is available from the Biology Department office.


Psychology/Criminal Justice Dual Major


Students interested in forensic psychology or the application of psychology to the legal and criminal justice systems may wish to combine Psychology and Criminal Justice courses into a dual major. Courses that satisfy the requirements for both Psychology and Criminal Justice (Abnormal, Child, Family & Community, Psychology and Law, and Forensic Psychology) facilitate this dual major and an accompanying minor in forensic psychology. Detailed information may be obtained from the Psychology Department (Dr. Pines) and/or from the Criminal Justice Department (Dr. Erickson).


Psychology/English Dual Major


Psychology and English both have as their subject matter human experience and both strive to develop students’ abilities to think critically, logically, and creatively. Studied together these disciplines enrich students’ abilities to create and understand characterizations of personality and normal and abnormal behavior, increase their understanding of the impact of social forces on the individual, and help them gain a greater appreciation of individual difference (e.g. children versus adults) in cognitive and emotional functioning.