Dr. Susan Putnam

Dr. Putnam loves teaching her biologically-based classes, and she is also interested in music and sports as they are related to psychology. She is the current Psychology Department Chair. In addition, she works with several students in her laboratory doing research on neuro-endocrine function in individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as athletes and other populations. Dr. Putnam is a member of the Institute for Autism Research and is the advisor for Psychology Club. She is also the founder and director of the WNY Sibshop at Canisius College, a program designed to serve the siblings of children with special needs.

Office: HS 209H
Phone: 888-2895

Dr. Nathan Arbuckle

Dr. Arbuckle is a social psychologist interested in understanding the basis of prosocial behavior, particularly in social contexts. In order to investigate this topic, he has used methodologies from a variety of disciplines, including social neuroscience, traditional social/personality psychology, and behavioral economics.

Office: 209C
Phone: 716-888-2521

Dr. Charles Goodsell

Dr. Goodsell teaches courses related to his training in Cognition (e.g., Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Memory, Sensation and Perception), as well as Statistics, Experimental Psychology, and Psychology and Law. His research interests focus on issues in psychology and law— specifically, eyewitness identification and jury decision-making. Dr. Goodsell is also the advisor for Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology.

Office: HS 209E
Phone: 888-2527

Dr. Judith Larkin

Dr. Larkin's main interests are in leadership and in the industrial/organizational area of psychology (psychology applied to business), but she also enjoys helping students figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Office: HS 209D
Phone: 888-2508

Dr. Jennifer Lodi-Smith

Dr. Lodi-Smith is a personality psychologist with a passion for understanding how individual identity changes across the lifespan in typically developing individuals and individuals with autism spectrum disorder. She actively engages students in her research on narrative psychology, identity development, and optimal aging - get in touch with her if you want to get involved in research and check out her website at http://lodismith.canisiuspsychology.net/ to learn more!

Office: HS 209B
Phone: 888-2513

Dr. Harvey Pines

Dr. Pines has been teaching at Canisius for a long, long, time. He enjoys his Social Psychology class, and, of course, his Psychology 101 and 102 classes. Dr. Pines conducts research studies in diverse areas of social psychology with a particular interest in the social psychology of clothing and fashion.

Office: HS 211
Phone: 888-2517

Dr. Neva Sanders

Dr. Sanders is a child clinical psychologist who will tell you interesting stories about her past experiences with patients. She teaches a variety of classes within the clinical/counseling field. Dr. Sanders is the professor you want to seek out if you have any questions about the graduate school application process, or you can attend one of her bi-yearly informational seminars on this topic.

Office: HS 209 J
Phone: 888-2519

Dr. Tim Servoss

Dr. Tim Servoss has now taught in the Psychology Department for over five years. He has enlightened students with his knowledge of statistics in such courses as Advanced Statistics, Basic Statistics, and Assessment in the Behavioral Sciences. He was formerly a statistician at the University at Buffalo.

Office: HS 209F
Phone: 888-2528

Adjuncts and Affiliated Faculty

Denise Akin

Ms. Akin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a 15 year career focusing on providing counseling services to individuals with mental health issues. She has treated adults, adolescents, and children with a variety of mental health disorders as well as those dually diagnosed with mental health illnesses and developmental disabilities. Currently, she is a private practitioner in Williamsville, NY. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Canisius and is currently working toward her PhD in Counseling Education at the University of Buffalo.

Dr. Kristin Finn

Dr. Kristin Finn is a Professor in the Teacher Education Department. Dr. Finn has her doctorate in Educational Psychology and primarily teaches classes in research methods, adolescent development, and educational psychology. Her research interests focus on the area of student engagement and connectedness to school. She is particularly interested in how engagement is related to health outcomes such as drug use and obesity.

Office: CT811
Phone: 888-3297

Dr. Jonathan Rodgers

Dr. Rodgers is research faculty at the Institute for Autism Research. His research interests include neuropsychological, behavioral, and social-emotional characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder. He teaches School Psychology. He participates in a variety of research studies involving children with autism spectrum disorders including validation of a school-based comprehensive treatment, social-emotional function of siblings, and longitudinal changes in behavior and clinical features.

Office: IAR in Science Hall
Phone: 888-2815

Dr. Marcus Thomeer

Dr. Thomeer co-directs the Institute for Autism Research. His research interests center on the assessment, functioning, and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders. He teaches Autism and Developmental Disabilities and Applied Behavior Analysis. He also supervises several research studies, including Connections, that provide opportunities for students to receive hands-on- experience implementing clinical treatments.

Office: IAR in Science Hall
Phone: 888-3188


Dr. Dewey Bayer

Dr. Bayer has been teaching at Canisius for 40 years . He has worked in the areas of school psychology and child psychology for over thirty years and is responsible for starting the school psychology minor in the Department. Dr. Bayer is a major proponent of using computers and the latest technologies as information tools...and he sure does love his Wiki pages!