PSY 431 Sensation and Perception

This class fulfills a Area 1 requirement

Section CRN Instructor Time
Dr. Charles Goodsell M, W 1:00pm - 2:15pm

We humans spend much of our time sensing the physical world around us. We then behave as if our sensory systems operate as a perfect mirror - telling us about the physical world as it truly exists. Incredibly, however, science shows us that this is NOT the case. We are in fact experiencing our own version of the world created by our mind. Sensation and Perception is a subdisipline of cognitive psychology and physiology and much what we have learned on the topic comes from laboratory-based controlled experiments.  This course is an introduction to sensory systems and perceptual processes.  We will begin by discussing each of the major sensory systems, beginning with the anatomy and physiology of the sense organ, and building up to how we represent that information in the mind.  We will focus on how the brain reconstructs our world from the continuous sensory input it receives from the senses.