PSY 329 Leadership and Motivation

This class fulfills a Area 3 requirement

Section CRN Instructor Time
SL Dr. Judith Larkin T, TH 8:30am - 9:45am

Do You Want To . . . 

  • Develop your leadership skills?
  • Be able to communicate better with others?
  • Learn what makes leaders effective?      
  • Learn how to motivate others?

That’s what we will be working on In PSY 329:  Coming to understand ourselves, how we communicate with others, and how groups develop and succeed in achieving their goals.  This is a learning by doing course.

Goals and Objectives:

•To learn about leadership – from doing, as well as reading.

•To learn about ourselves as leaders through engaging in a group leadership project.

•To become a better leader!!

Are you willing to take the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone?

        If so, this is what you will do:

•Develop your leadership skills by working in a group to design and introduce a leadership project in a community organization or at the college. You will need one free afternoon a week (for 5 weeks) to do this. 

•Develop your leadership skills by giving some short class presentations.

•Assess your individual leadership style through the use of personal style surveys and leadership assessment instruments.

•Develop your own personal leadership skills by learning, practicing, and incorporating the principles and patterns of behavior of highly effective people.

Things to Note:

   --You get to choose whether to work for an A, B, or C. (Course uses contract grading)

   --The course is open only to juniors and seniors.

   --Instructor is serious about attendance.

   --What students say:  PSY 329 is a lot of work, material is not difficult, class is fun!