PSY 323 Motivation and Emotion

This class fulfills a Area 2 requirement

Section CRN Instructor Time
45531 Dr. Tim Servoss T, TH 11:30am - 12:45pm

The main purpose of this course is to begin to understand the question(s):

  • What causes your own and others’ behavior?
  • Why does behavior start?
  • Why is it sustained over time?
  • Why is it directed towards some goals over others?
  • Why does it change direction?
  • Why does it stop?

In this course, we will cover behavioral, cognitive, humanistic and physiological theories of motivation as well as relevant theories of emotion. Through course activities and assignments, you will apply the theories learned in class to your own behaviors, examine the nature and progress made on your personal goals during the semester and understand the dynamic interplay between goal-directed behavior and emotion.