PSY 318 Social Psychology

This class fulfills a Area 2 requirement

Section CRN Instructor Time
47254 Dr. Nathan Arbuckle M, W, F 10:40am - 11:35am

Top Ten Questions Asked and Answered in Social Psychology:

 1. Who am I? 
 You’ll investigate your individual and social self.

 2. What do I really know about myself and others? 
 Dr. Arbuckle will teach you about social cognition.

3. “To thine own self be true.” Are you? 
 Sounds like it’s time to learn about the relationship of attitudes and behavior. 

4. Am I able to sing on a bus? 
 Take a look at conformity and independence. 

5. Could you become a terrorist? 
 Study the psychology of obedience. 

6. Why do I act so different in a group? 
 Figure it out by researching group influence.

7. How can I persuade someone to. . . ? 
 Learn about the psychology of attitude change. 

8. Are we “just friends”? 
 Check out the psychology of interpersonal attraction. 

9. Could this be the one? 
 Find out by looking at love and marriage. 

10. Why should I take this course? 
You interact with people every day– socially, at work and at home. Learn how and why other people affect you, and you them, and how you can change those effects.