PSY 230 Psychology of Religion

Section CRN Instructor Time
48248 Dr. Jennifer Lodi-Smith T, TH 1:00pm - 2:15pm

Psychology of Religion builds on both the historic and modern interest in psychology of religion. In this course, you will learn to operationally define religion and spirituality. You will be able to identify key genetic and biological factors in religion and key characteristics and triggers of religious experience. You will learn how religion develops across the lifespan and the importance of socialization processes in this development. You will explore conversion experiences and the psychology of sects and cults. Finally, you will learn about modern research into the correlates of religiosity and the role of religion in both the psychological and physical health process. All of this will take place in the context of assigned readings, course lecture, class discussion, and a variety of immersive projects. This course is specifically designed to use a broad, inclusive treatment of religion, addressing not just Judeo-Christian religiosity, but comprehensive ideas of religion and spirituality that cut across various religious traditions and is equally accessible to the higly religious and the highly secular student. Psychology of Religion fills your College level Field 1 requirement!