PSY 229 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

This class fulfills a Area 3 requirement

Section CRN Instructor Time
Dr. Judith Larkin T, TH 8:30am - 9:45am

  • Do you want a job? What kind of work will you find most satisfying? A course with the weighty title “Industrial/Organizational Psychology” is more about you and your career than you can tell from the course title. We look at how psychology is used in organizations when they interview, hire, train and evaluate their employees. We look at how you can use psychology in finding a job– and getting hired!‚Äč
  •  If you are a student planning to go into counseling, social work and other service-providing occupations  (ex. dentistry, occ. therapy, etc),  you will learn how to go about starting your own practice.  

  • Learn the characteristics of entrepreneurs, and whether entrepreneurship is right for you.  Course will cover the steps necessary to start a business – including understanding what goes into a business plan and the marketing of a company. 

  • Course project will be a job analysis, including an occupational interview with a person in an occupation similar to one you might seek to enter. An important goal of the project is to help you decide what is the career that’s right for you.

Not everyone goes into psychology to counsel other people. This course will introduce you to ways you can apply your psychology background to a business or work environment. 


  1. Overview of I/O Psychology
  2. Methods of I/O Psychology
  3. Employee Selection: Principles and Techniques
  4. Interviewing Techniques
  5. Psychological Testing in Business
  6. How Work is Evaluated: Performance Appraisal
  7. Training and Development
  8. Starting your own Business