Classes Spring 2017

This is the entry point for the psychology department listing of courses and other information for the upcoming or current semester. It is put out twice a year, Fall and Spring, and is available in only an online edition.

The Psycholopedia has been organized to help your course decision-making process. This web interface contains valuable information about our Spring 2017 semester. Discussed in this issue are courses (topics to be studied, requirements, etc.), our minors, and dual majors, practica, and our student clubs and organizations. Our goal is to assist you in completing your major requirements.

Please note that there are significant changes to the Psychology Major core and various Minor requirements. Read carefully to ensure that you sign up for the correct classes, as your previous requirements may have changed.  ***Please also note that PSY101 is being offered in the Spring semester for the first time in Spring 2017.*** However, only under exceptional circumstances may students take PSY101 and PSY102 in the same semester and they may only do so with the approval of Dr. Putnam. See Dr. Putnam with questions/concerns.

In addition to taking classes there is much more to being a psychology major at Canisius. As you are making your course selections, ask yourself which of the following opportunities you have taken or would like to take advantage of:

If you have any questions about these opportunities, your course selections, or how to become a psychology major, give us a call (888-2510) or stop by the Psychology Department in Health Science.

See you next semester,

Dr. Susan Putnam, Chair