Classes Fall 2018

This is the entry point for the psychology department listing of courses and other information for the upcoming or current semester. It is put out twice a year, Fall and Spring, and is only available in an online edition.

Welcome to the Psycholopedia for the Department of Psychological Sciences at Canisius! 

This web interface is designed to provide you with valuable information pertaining to the courses being offered for the Fall 2018 semester and the requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees in Psychology. In addition to the wide variety of courses provided by our faculty members, our department affords students the opportunity to obtain an academic minor in any one of eight discipline specific areas. The concentrated focus of coursework associated with each of these minors provides students with an excellent introduction to the variety of careers available within the field of psychology and can serve as a foundation for pursuing graduate work at either the Masters or Doctoral level following the completion of your undergraduate studies.  In addition to concentrated specializations within the field, the flexibility of the psychology major at Canisius allows our students to easily double major in other disciplines and can serve as the basis for a pre-law or pre-med curriculum.  Overall, the field of psychology makes an important contribution to a liberal arts education by educating students about the critically important area of human behavior and its role in your everyday social and situational interactions; knowledge useful within any area of employment. 

In addition to the majors, minors and courses we offer, we encourage you to consider taking advantage of the following:

Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment (ext. 2510) or drop by our department (HS 209) anytime so that we can share with you information about the new programs that we are developing! I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our extremely approachable faculty members who will strive to provide you with invaluable guidance and support throughout your academic endeavors and in your future career pursuits.

See you next semester,

Dr. Neva Sanders, Chair